Potato Salad Hill & Other Misc Pics

From the Seven Mile trail. A very mild trail indeed. Here's a couple of "rigs" found in our group.

About 2/3rds of the way though Seven Mile, right before Wipe Out Hill. This sidehill manuever was about as tough as it got. A shot of a Bronco at Wipe Out Hill.

Here's a Jeep and a Blazer playing at Wipe Out Hill. I was bummered because our group didn't have enough time to play here. I stopped long enough to take these few photos and it was back to the trail. Ho... Hum...

Potato Salad Hill. Back in Moab, behind the local landfill, here's where the party animals hang out. There were hundreds of people, drinking major quantities of alcohol and breaking their rigs.

Okay, the guy in the white truck... Nope, didn't make it!

The guy in the Bronco... Nope, didn't make it either but check next pic...

Here's what happened to the guy in the Bronco (above)... he didn't make it but judging by the cheers he still won by entertainment points... Another shot of the crowd.

What do you think? Made it? Yep SHE sure did! A girl was driving this Cherokee and with some smokin' tires made it to the top! What about the blazer, did he make it? Yes he did!

Hmmm... looking good for the Toy. Nope! This is as far as he got, he had to leave in shame.

And so the day went, more didn't than did, but fun was had by all.