1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ

(10/2006) 204,000 miles - Added a Rubicon Express 3.5 inch lift to my existing Budget Boost 2 inch lift, giving a total of 5.5 inches. I also upped the tire size to 33 inch with a set of new wheels. It's no longer my daily driver, but it does get used every day at my shop, jumping dead batteries, towing vehicles, moving trailers, etc. Every now and then I'll drive it home for a week or two to keep it's legs stretched. I really need to hit the trails again... one of these days!

(9/2006) 203,000 miles - Take a closer look a the wheel openings. They've been opened up by an extra 1-1/4" and made to look clean and stock. Oh yeah, the color has been changed to Inferno Red Pearl... to match my wifes '06 Jeep Commander... why not? Check out the bodywork and paint photos. For those of you that remember. I originally wanted the fenders trimmed a few years back but couldn't afford the bodywork. Plus no bodyshop wanted to do the work. So last year I bought a bodyshop. Problem solved!

(3/2005) 187,000 miles - Moab or Bust! I'm finally heading back to the 39th annual Easter Jeep Safari this year! Woo hoo! In preparation I installed a PowerTrax Lock-Right locker in my Dana 35 rear.

(10/2003) 130,000 miles! I threw a few more photos out here, take a look... May 2002 East Texas ORV Park and Installing My 2" Spacers and 31" BFG tires.

(9/2001) - 78,000 miles! I thought I better take a before picture of the Grand Cherokee before I have the fenders hacked at. In fact that's the only part that has me a little concerned. I spoke with a few body shops and they won't attempt cutting my fenders. The problem is with the front part of the rear fender well. I need almost all of that cut out (right next to the line of the door). Then the trim needs to be cut and put back together to make the cut look clean. So far I haven't found anyone willing to do it. (1996) - Purchased with 22,000 miles. 2nd owner.
  • COBRA 19 DX II CB Radio ($20 eBay)
  • Lock-Right locker in rear ($240 Randy's Ring & Pinion)
  • Two Chrome tow hooks w/clips ($11 eBay)
  • 2-inch budget boost lift ($35 Rusty's Off-Road)
  • 33" BFG All-Terrains w/wheels ($136/ea Discount Tire)
  • Enlarged wheel openings by 1.5-inch
  • Flowmaster Super 50 exhaust (barter)
  • Painted inferno red pearl, including bumpers and cladding
  • 3.5-inch long-arm Rubicon Express suspension lift ($1000 4-Wheel Parts Wholesaler)
1994 Grand Cherokee Laredo (ZJ), towing package, 318 V8, Dana 30 front, Dana 35 rear, 3.73:1 gear ratio, full-time quadra four-wheel drive, stock with exception of the above mods.