1983 ¾-ton Chevy Suburban "Sasquatch"

83 Suburban

Here's a pic of my beater in Moab a few years ago.

It's an '83 Suburban 3/4-ton. Why a suburban? Kids! And lots of them. The burb'n proved to be great on the trails and on the rocks, it was one of my favorite vehicles. Sasquatch was left in Colorado when I moved to Texas. Given some time, I gave it to my brother, who later sold it. Sigh!

When I still had it I added a 6" suspension lift, 35" TSL/SX Super Swampers (on 16.5" rims), and Bushwacker cutout fender flares (removed while wheelin). Back drivetrain was a stock semi-floater 3/4-ton axles with the stock 3.73:1 gear ratio. Thanks to my "granny" low I still got a respectable crawl ratio.

I bought this pretty cheap from a guy who replaced it with a newer suburban. It was a hunting truck that "would go anywhere." Notice the cool [not] rear backup lamps on the top. The guy told me he needed the lights to close gates on dark roads. The body wasn't in great shape, a dented door, and rust forming. Can you see the duct tape holding part of the moulding in place?

1983 K20 3/4T Chevrolet Suburban, 350 cid engine, 4bbl rochester carb, 40 gallon gas tank, trailer brakes, towing package, 150K+ miles, 4-speed tranny with "granny" low, NP208 transfer case, open semi-floater differentials (corporate) with 3.73:1 gear ratio, seats 9, no fluff! Stock crawl ratio is about 63:1, not bad.