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S-10 Towing Ford «

Chevy S-10 pulling a Full-Size Ford Pickup?

      Here's a shot of my beater 2.8l S-10 pickup towing my F-250 Powerstroke in the October snow of '97'. We were elk hunting in the Cherokee park area NW of Fort Collins when the storm hit. I was towing a 18 foot horse trailer with the Ford and blew a hub trying to extract the trailer from a ditch early in the storm. I chained the rear of the Ford and drove it into our camp 5 miles from the county road in the couple of inches of snow we had at that point. My son met me at the cabin with the S-10. We had 2 feet of snow with heavy wind before the storm abated. We used the S-10 to transport us to our hunting sites and bucked ass deep drifts getting around. We used the winch quite a bit. Every time we traveled the trails it seemed they would be blown shut again. Note the snow on top of the winch. When it was time to head home we were concerned over getting the Ford out so we loaded our two elk over the axles for ballast and decided to try the run. The first mile was relatively easy and downhill but when we hit a small dry creek that had to be crossed the Ford did a small side slip and it was stuck. We decided to try to tow the Ford out of the ditch with the S-10 by pulling it down hill into the stream bed. We actually pulled it out and up the other side with no problem. I was going to leave the Ford and come back later with repair parts but my son suggested attempting towing it the remaining 4 miles. We agreed that I would drive the Ford and apply as much power as I could without breaking loose and he would tow me as best he could. We had the S-10 chained in the front only, too lazy to put the rears on. The pictures were taken just as we were taking off from the creek bed. The little S-10 dug in and away we went. When we got to really deep drifted areas we would unhook and blast a trail with the S-10 then rehook and continue. The trail gains 1,000 feet from where we started and the snow continued getting deeper. We made it out with no trouble.

      I really like my Ford but that S-10 has got to be the best $750 investment I've ever made. Things I learned is two wheel drive pickups in snow are absolutely worthless and don't sell the small trucks short. For those familiar with the northern Colorado front slope, the first 4 wheel trail I took the S-10 on, before the lift and winch, was the Kelley Flats trail and I made it without a hitch. Did polish up the frame, skid plates and rear bumper pretty good though.

Submitted by Larry Smeins lsmeins@ball.com

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