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Fixit Till It Breaks:
08 JK Bodywork
Her 08 Jeep JK
94 ZJ 3.5" LongArm
94 ZJ Red Paint
94 ZJ Fender Trim
94 ZJ 2" Lift
94 ZJ Lock-Right
My 94 Jeep ZJ
Broken Tire
My 83 Suburban

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My Moab Trips:
Steel Bender 3½
Moab Rim 4+
Potato Salad Hill
Poison Spider 3½
Golden Spike 4½+
Steel Bender 3½
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Other 4x4 Trips:
Barnwell Mtn TX
Warm Snow in CO
Medano Pass CO

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Aaron’s F350
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Dean’s Moab 99
79 Suburban
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S-10 Towing Ford

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Hells Revenge in Moab. Line? What line? Or, the spotter said "just a little to your right". Either way Dean's pucker factor had to be high enough to suck up a good portion of his seat. For those of you that have been in this situation, you understand.

Medano Pass mudhole. I think he's stuck...doesn't it look like he's stuck?

Wow! Check out the goo! You can see his frame imprint as he plodded across. I'd say looking at this picture he may have a chance to get out since his rear tires are close to dry dirt.

Now we're talking! Kicking up some dirt, that means no mud, some traction...he's outta there!

Dean Whitinger


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