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This looks like the rock that ate my fender on the way up. This time I steered to the right of it and managed to miss it by inches.
Making the final decent before the last big obstacle. I was suprised to see that my right-rear tire was barely touching the ground in this shot. It didn't seem that I was that topsy at the time. I bet it wouldn't take much to put one of these on it's side while in this position. In fact as I was following Bob in his Jeep, there was one point where he did a balancing act and barely avoided a tumble. Before I could warn him on the CB, he was past the danger point...whew.
Over the Devil's Crack. More of a controlled slide and fall rather than a slow descent. Both camera people in this photo are from Petersons Four-Wheel and Off-Road magazine. I tried to shmooze the girl (on the right) to put the Beast in their magazine...shea right! I never did get this year's Moab issue, so if any of you have a copy and see the Beast in it, let me know.
Last ledge leaving the "Baby Z-Turn". It was a fun ride, slow at times and fun to watch others maneuver their vehicles over the rocks. This one has had a reputation for being kinda tough and I was anxious to try it. It wasn't too bad and well worth another run someday. This was also my first organized trail run in Moab, so that was fun too.
Later that day we stopped by the Spanish Arena, Easter Jeep Safari Headquarters, to check out the vendor's exhibits. It was a big boy's toy store! Out in the parking lot was one of the many casualties of Moab, looks like he didn't quite hit a line just right. Or maybe he was hotdogging and bounced over...either way this 'Zuki has seen better days.

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