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9/21/98 - Well I finally got to the task of creating a DeLORME Topo Map™ for this trail. Click on the thumbnail to view a larger image with Longitude/Latitude coordinates. Let me know what you think. Suggestions? NOTE: DeLorme uses a built in error formula that keeps the coordiates from being exact. If you use these coordinates please don't drive off the edge of the cliff because the coordinates said that's where you needed to be... use that ol' common sense.
This is how a gear-geek four wheels. A military grade pentium laptop installed with the latest DeLorme GPS navigation system. Strap it in and cover it with dust, coffee, water, whatever...it's like a Timex "takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'"
We lined up around 8:00 A.M., 47 vehicles in all. The trailhead wasn't too far, so this was the time to air down. I dropped my Super Swampers down to 10 psi and they still looked full. There was a full-sized Bronco in the group, but other than that, we were the only full-sized rock crawlers for the trail. While we were airing down, the Trail Leader told us a few stories about his experiences with the Moab Rim. Just the day before he rolled his 'Zuki on it's side while crossing the Devil's Crack. Great! Was I ready for this?
The trailhead was a few miles west of town on the Kane Creek Road (paved). We turned left and had to keep an eye on traffic as we waited for the others in front to start the ascent up the trail.
After several minutes, I finally made it up on the rocks. We sat here for about 20 minutes while we waited for the first few vehicles to negotiate the Devil's Crack. Our first casualty of the day happened when a Jeep fan's radiator had a little fight with a rock and the rock won. He was out for the day and was pushed out of the way while the rest of us went around.
The first real obstacle is what I call the "Baby Z-Turn". It's an opposite turn of the real Z-Turn (after Devil's Crack). A few people had to hit the first step a few times to get over. This picture shows Bob's Jeep in the middle of the Baby Z-Turn. At first, it didn't look so bad.
This pic shows me past the second turn of Baby Z. So far a piece of cake. I wasn't even close to the edge. And that's saying something since I usually have to do three- or four-point turns to get this Beast around most tight corners. Pat, in his early Bronco, is starting the first turn behind me.
Devil's Crack. This was the toughest obstacle on Moab Rim. With my length, I was dropping my left front tire into the crack (did I mention that I hate heights). My APF was running a little high. I didn't get a good line the first try and spun my tires a little too much. This had the effect of thowing me further left (closer to the edge). The middle gunner was there and guided me backwards a few feet, gave me a new line and I crawled right on up. The crowd cheered! They always find it amusing (or amazing) when the Beast makes it.

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