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How-to Fix Broken Tire Sidewall

Here's what can happen when you cross stream beds covered with jagged rocks. I think the kids counted the number of stream crossings on the Kane Creek trail (in Moab) to be around 30 or 40. This was during a downpour, see Moab97. The break was about an inch and a half long on the outside and about a half inch on the inside.


The guys at J.W. Brewer Tire in Denver were able to scrape out the old damaged rubber, fill the cut with uncured rubber, and then oven bake it at extreme temperatures to repair an otherwise useless tire. The other option would have been to put a boot on the inside. I believe I made the better choice and it was only around $20 bucks. I've been 4wheeling with it and drive it daily at highway speeds. No problems.

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