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  Dyno: Find HP by E.T. or MPH enter 1 of 2 in green, 1 in blue, press CALC
1/4 Mile E.T.:   
1/4 Mile MPH:   

Vehicle Weight:   
Your weight included   


This calc can be used to guestimate your horsepower.
Solve for your 1/4 Mile Top Speed in MPH.
Solve for your 1/4 Mile Elapsed Time (E.T.).

For those curious about Horsepower Output, here's what I label a "poor man's Dyno."

Solve for HP by MPH : Plug in your top trap speed (1/4 mile) in MPH and your vehicle weight (include your own weight). Press the button and wha-la... your estimated HP. I did a little reverse math and also solved for the 1/4 E.T. as well.

Solve for HP by E.T. : Plug in your quickest ET in seconds and your vehicle weight (include your own weight). Also solved is your estimated 1/4 mile top speed in MPH.

Formulas used

ET = CubeRoot of (weight/hp) * 5.825
HP = Weight/(ET/5.825)³
HP = (mph/234)³ * weight
MPH = CubeRoot of (hp/weight) * 234

These calculators are color coded by function
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